Collaboration in Higher Education: A New Ecology of Practice




collaboration, higher education, partnerships, student experience, academic practice


"Collaboration in Higher Education," edited by Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns, and Sandra Sinfield (2023), delves into the intricacies of engaging in collaboration and partnerships within higher education. The book editors adopt an inviting approach in a world marked by complexity and pressing challenges that demand authentic conversations and collective actions. They warmly invite readers, encouraging them to delve into the collection's pages to reflect on their circumstances. This invitation fosters an opportunity to recognise past, present, and future contributors, paving the way for constructive progress through co-creation endeavours.


The book eloquently articulates and illustrates the value of collaboration within, throughout, and beyond higher education. Organised into six sections, the volume showcases over thirty case studies contributed by a diverse array of over 100 individuals across different disciplines, institutions, and national boundaries. These carefully selected case studies serve as tangible examples of authentic practices. The book's structure encompasses the following segments: Staff Collaborations to Enhance Teaching and Learning, Students as Partners, Collaborations with Stakeholders, Creative and Digital Partnerships, Decolonising Relationships and Partnerships for Social Justice, and Reflections on Collaboration. Consequently, the book is an essential reference, providing readers with an intricate map of the terrain and narratives, guiding them on a collaborative journey exploring innovative curriculum design and delivery methods, ultimately enriching student learning and success.


Abegglen, S., Burns, T. and Sinfield, S. (2023). Collaboration in Higher Education. Bloomsbury Academic.