List of Reviewers

Our reviewers play an important role in the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice (JPAAP) helping us produce high quality academic practice articles supporting both established authors and those new to academic publishing. Without the work of our reviewers we wouldn't be here in our fifth year of journal life and we thank you for all your support, guidance and time over the years.

Thanks for reviewing with us 2013–2017 

Joelle Adams

Karen Aitchison

Lorraine Anderson

Anna Bager-Elsborg

Emma Bartle

Lynn Boyle

Amy Brown

Nicole Brown

Alan Cann

Susan Carter

Hazel Christie

Sandy Cope

Cristina Costa

Wendy Cousins

John Cowan

Vicki Dale

Gareth Davies

Fufy Demissie

John Dermo

Jessica Deshler

Claire Donald

Shona Dunn

Winifred Eboh

Sidonie Ecochard

Claire Evans

David Flatman

Sue Folley

Monika Foster

Julia Fotheringham

Heather Gibson

Peter Gossman

Colin Gray

Peter Hartley

Maggie Hartnett

Anne Hole

Mark Irwin

Angela Jaap

Sundari Joseph

Jeffrey Keefer

Nicolas Labrosse

Jennifer Leigh

Angela Lindsay

Daphne Loads

Evelyn McElhinney

William McGuire

Joan McLatchie

Neil McPherson

Inger Mewburn

Sharon Milner

Rena Moolenaar

Chrissi Nerantzi

Christine Penman

Patricia Perry

Julie Prescott

Katherine Price

Rille Raaper

Julie-Anne Regan

Frank Rennie

Doreen Rorrison

Anna Rowe

Chris Rowell

Liz Sage

Bettina Schwenger

Jim Scullion

Fiona Smart

Genevieve Stapleton

Claire Stocks

Karen Strickland

Katrina Swanton

Amanda Sykes

Anne Tierney

Alejandro Veliz Reyes

Panos Vlachopoulos

Helen Webster

Anne Wheeler

Ema Wolfgramm-Foliaki