Finding a Way to Participate


  • Alexander Dunedin



ragged university


An opinion piece on the aims of the Ragged Project.

Author Biography

Alexander Dunedin

Alex Dunedin is the Director of Ragged University. When Alex heard about ‘ragged’ schools, which brought free education to the United Kingdom in the 19th century, he decided to update the movement using available infrastructure and common technology. Ragged University provides free talks and debates in informal spaces such as pubs, cafes and libraries, featuring speakers from all backgrounds and ages. It aims to complement, rather than replace, schools and universities, many of which have already pledged their support to the project. Alex is self-educated and places autodidactism at the forefront of his work along with personalised good working relationships.  Four years into a deep study of ‘inclusive social capital’ and its benefits, he is keen to generate non-acculturated spaces and foster linking social capital more greatly in the provision of free education and civic opportunity.


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