Towards the Compassionate University

From golden thread to global impact


  • Lorraine Anderson University of Dundee



Book review


Book review

Author Biography

Lorraine Anderson, University of Dundee

Lorraine is an Assistant Director in the Library & Learning Centre and Head of the Centre for the enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning & Employability (CASTLE) at the University of Dundee. Lorraine is also the programme leader for the institution's PG Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education programme and oversees the university's approach to academic and skills development for both students and staff.

Her teaching and research interests are in collaborative working, disciplinary identities and masters/doctoral level study. Her publications to date have been under her previous surname (Walsh) and recent articles include:

Kahn, P., Goodhew, P., Murphy, M. & Walsh, L. (2013) ‘The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as collaborative working: a case study in shared practice and collective purpose’, Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 32, no.6 (901-914).












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