Exploring the Value of Doctoral Study in College-based Higher Education: A Practitioner Perspective


  • Jane Davis Centre of Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University




doctoral research, value, College-based Higher Education


This paper takes the form of an ‘on the horizon’ piece, presenting the outcomes of a small pilot research activity that sought to explore the value of doctoral research undertaken by four practitioners employed in College-based Higher Education. (CBHE) The paper reflects on the thematic analysis of narratives provided through loosely structured interviews that sought the participants’ perceptions of the value of their doctoral journey from aspiration to actualisation. The outcomes of the research activity are considered in the context of a range of literature that explores the value and impact of doctoral study. The discussion is widened by the consideration of references made by participants as to the way in which their experience could have been further enhanced through different forms of organisational engagement. The paper concludes by drawing together themes from the research that could be supported by a wider study of doctoral researchers in CBHE.


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On the Horizon