Internationalisation of the Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities


  • Sue Robson Newcastle University



internationalisation, curriculum, global learning experience


‘Internationalisation’ is a pervasive but contested concept in contemporary higher education (HE), and poses both critical challenges and development opportunities for universities. Recent research suggests that while many HE institutions (HEIs) have an internationalisation strategy, there are limitations to the ways in which institutions approach internationalisation (Spencer-Oatey & Dauber, 2015). Attention is often paid predominantly to recruitment of international students and staff, and to mobility, with targets for the number of students and staff engaged in international programmes or research. Increasingly universities that seek to be truly internationalised are thinking beyond these structural factors, to more comprehensive approaches (Hudzik, 2011) that will enable all students and staff to have an ‘internationalised’ experience. This opinion piece addresses a key dimension of a more comprehensive approach to internationalisation, the internationalisation of the curriculum (IoC) as a means to develop global mindsets, skills and understandings.

Author Biography

Sue Robson, Newcastle University

Sue Robson is Professor of Education at Newcastle University where she leads the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (HE) Research Group. Sue’s current research focuses on the internationalization of HE; innovative teaching and learning in HE; reward and recognition for teaching excellence in HE; and entrepreneurial educational leadership.


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