Special issue on Breaking the Gender Bias in Academia and Academic practice


The next special issue of the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice (JPAAP) will be published in early autumn 2022. The focus of this issue is on ‘Breaking the gender bias in academia and academic practice’, and we are producing the issue to tie in with the theme for International Women’s Day 2022 which is #BreakTheBias.  

In aligning the above theme with the contexts of academia, academic practice, and academic institutions, we are welcoming proposals for submissions that consider gender equality within the work of our colleges and universities through a lens of #BreakTheBias, and which is focused on creating learning and teaching, professional development, student support and research environments that are: 

  • Free of gender bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.
  • Gender diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
  • And where difference is valued and celebrated.

 Proposals for submissions could include, but do not need to be limited to, issues such as:

  • Approaches to designing course/s, modules and/or programmes of study which are equitable, inclusive and challenge gender stereotypes.
  • Promoting gender balance in disciplines and curricula that are traditionally weighted toward gender, g. STEM, and ensuring that subject matter is not discriminatory to girls and women.
  • How departments/faculties/institutionshave critically considered and are seeking to ensure engagement in learning, teaching and research that are non-biased with respect to gender.
  • How colleges and universities wider public education duties, and approaches to public and open pedagogies, can and are being harnessed to increase a wider awareness of, and engagement in, addressing gender equality challenges.
  • How colleagues working in academic and professional development design opportunities that are not gender biased or discriminatory and that champion and enhance an equitable and inclusive approach to learning and teaching, and within career development for learning and teaching.
  • How colleagues with responsibility for editing and publishing journals can ensure that reviewing and publication processes are not biased and are equitable and inclusive with respect to gender.
  • How gender bias in co-authoring and citation practices can be addressed.
  • How gender balance within the membership of editorial boards, professional and learned societies or networks can be progressed, which could include examples of successful initiatives.
  • How gender bias within promotions structures within colleges and universities can be resolved.
  • How allyship and acts of allyship can help break gender bias in academic practice, procedure and policy.

Proposals can be for original research, reflective analyses, case studies, 'on the horizon' pieces, opinion pieces and book reviews. Full guidance on the article formats you can choose from is available at https://jpaap.napier.ac.uk/index.php/JPAAP/about/submissions. Proposals should be up to 300 words and include 5 keywords or terms. Please also provide a short bio (of 50 words) for each author.

The guest editors for this special issue are Alexandra Walker and Keith Smyth, from the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).

Proposals should be submitted to Alex Walker and Keith Smyth (alex.walker@uhi.ac.uk and keith.smyth@uhi.ac.uk) by Monday 25th April using this proposal form. Authors will be contacted by Monday 9th May 2022. Full papers must be submitted by Monday 4th July. Informal queries and questions regarding proposals and the Special Issue can be sent to Alex Walker (alex.walker@uhi.ac.uk).

To download the proposal template please click on the 'Word Tempate' button at the following page: