Important announcement - New submissions and new home for JPAAP


Dear Authors, Reviewers and Editors

JPAAP is moving to a new location for early 2022, and work to prepare for this move is now underway.

To allow for this transition we are now closed to new submissions. We will publish one final issue of 2021, currently being prepared, before the journal is moved to our new location in early 2022. We will be at our new location and open to new submissions from the middle of January 2022. All of the issues publised to date will remain available under existing links and DOIs once the journal moves location.  

Authors who have recently submitted to us or who currently have submissions under review or revision will, on final acceptance of submissions, be featured either in the final issue of 2021 or first issue of 2022.

With thanks for your continued support of and engagement with JPAAP.

The Editors