Important update - FAO all contributing authors, reviewers and editors for JPAAP


Dear all

FAO all contributing authors, reviewers and editors for JPAAP

We wish to acknowledge and provide an update relating to recent and current developments at JPAAP, including important information for authors who have recently submitted papers or who have papers in review or editing.

Our excellent editorial manager Kirsteen Wright has departed her previous role, which involved her responsibilities for JPAAP, for a new and much deserved academic position at another institution. We wish Kirsteen every success for the future, and thank her for the huge amount she did since the founding of JPAAP.

Kirsteen's departure has necessitated the identification of a new editorial management team, and has also coincided with the imminent move of JPAAP to a new online home.

We have now appointed an expanded editorial team, and are about to begin the process of moving JPAAP to a new online location. There will be minimal disruption to existing journal content, and redirects will be put in place to ensure that all existing links and DOIs for previous issues of the journal continue to be valid.

In terms of immediate next steps:

i) Papers that are currently in review will be progressed through the review process over this month

ii) Papers accepted and in editing for the next issue will be progressed over the next month for our next issue

iii) New submissions will be put to reviewers in the next month, with editorial decisions to come in April

We will confirm a date from which JPAAP will be live at it's new location.

The moving of the journal will not impact upon the above, although there will be a period of two or three days in the coming weeks when JPAAP is offline while being transitioned.

In the meantime, we apologise to those who have had their own submissions delayed by our developments at JPAAP and thank our contributors, reviewers and those who provide editorial assistance for your patience.

With best wishes

The Editorial Team