LinkedIn group, new email address and reviewers


Reviewers Group on LinkedIn

We’ve just set up a reviewers group on LinkedIn. We’ve set this up as a place for discussion, advice, support and information. This group will enable you to share your knowledge of reviewing for JPAAP as well as discussing topics of interest that may arise from the articles that you are working on. If you are new to reviewing we hope that you’ll share your experience of reviewing for JPAAP as well as gain help and support in this new role.

You need a LinkedIn profile to join the group and then you’ll be free to set up discussion topics and share your thoughts. The group is set up with the same ethos as JPAAP:

“to provide a supportive publishing outlet to allow established and particularly new authors to contribute to the scholarly discourse of academic practice and a developmental platform for new authors, those new to journal reviewing, and for scholars who are seeking to gain experience in journal editing and publishing.”

We hope to see, and hear from you all, in the LinkedIn group soon.

JPAAP LinkedIn Profile

JPAAP LinkedIn Group

New email address

We’ve updated our email address so that all our editors across the globe can access and reply to any emails faster. We’re now at And remember to follow us on Twitter too @JofPAAP.

Call for reviewers

We are always on the lookout for new reviewers. So if you are already experienced or new to reviewing and would be interested in taking on roughly 2-4 articles a year let us know. Send you CV and a cover letter to Watch out for a reviewers webinar coming soon.